La Fuite

nothing nothing.
come thing come thing come thing
come thing come thing come thing
yes we knew. oui we knew
we kne w yes oui we we knew
fuite était idée poétique avant de venir idée philosophique avec les frère guattari et del

La Fuite.

Paris, Gallimard ~ 1947 . Tristan Tzara . Dad Deleuze was a young'un then when old Sir TRistAn Tzarazouthstra becomer published this book of ver/poetry ~

in 47 didiodel was 22~ Fuite lignes de fuite ~ Tzara there first ~

La fuite : poème dramatique en quatre actes et un épilogue, 1947.

I read this play in the 70's about a year and half before coming over idea live of guattarideleuze

In them days we was stealing book. so we can read. mouth full of books. hungry as money. was our lotion. Hugngry as Hugry. Hmm novel word. eh persona filled of mouth. go Mouth young loutish. Go personification of ratification. of Celerity's cover brother. Around thy antlers young


laters we spoke to them. Montparnasse ~ moi et ton pere Tzara Sami ~ et Le prof. CHallenger et ton frère Genet et ta sœur Angela Davis. Soeur angela? son sa soeur

alors mon ma ma mon ma ma~ ma ma mon mon? mon de venus mons of venus. mounds of venus. penis of mound ~

yes we knew.


876 Plateau yoyou. Tzara and Deleuze discuss Spinoza Spontanoes Dada rapture.machine of capture. of captcha. of captch! what man! are yatalkin'bout? Amn't I praise enough by love ?

YEs dadio deleuze was Tzara son.He Tzarathoustrian zalt ~