So I'll fit fit fuit you then ~

... Turns out big Daddy Deleuze killed his self so the others could live? was dat it? the breath of suiced was flung high dry so thee other . lived. Livered. yellow lily livered bastard. Is that you? what father cut hi ski gloves as that?
Shackle_lless from paternal papaism we go slide mouth to rinse river mouth. Roun south sending ripple confectionery core . Yes, dear one. Come around yer homocide. the one . that came. and left . fakir son. half brother. part sister. came to go went. as leave to take. leave taking.
I am the father of the fictions. killed off to swim multiple pack of . Jonah and the whale . of a rhyme. curtsey to her curtain. her nose was filigree winded around the last store of cancer.
she was winded by the very hurt bridge. no languate for her wit. raconteur in midst.