biographeo guatariodeleuzo ~

biographia Guattarodeleuzo

Now Sir do you think this new? as yer sides or thighs?


Oh Franny! said Jill one fine dadadata day I need a word phiter
for my finny reelof spinning difference. Show me the way to the deistic
master-piece of Mr. teste and Madame Virgin. I need to translate nails
into holes, and troubles into wholes. Where is the night which speaks the
name of fold and fairytale, the schizo sorting out machine of short-cut
and unkempt in the brain trails of the word which was Mr. Plato's? Franny
stared at Jillwith disbelief. I am your wife-becoming not your research
scholar or editior don't you realize that?

Mona called and came by reading a book backwards on prose poetry
and falling in love with letters ever written glasses on backwards and
said remember me: I am the video of memory and desire, and the night is
the first molecular revolt. Then recordings which work backwards and
desires that peel. I have no summer halt on my brains. I am the non-dead
precursor of summer and wind. Recall the good old days when anxiety was at
a premium and the stores were filled with thought and the rainbow was the
ever receding horizon of our future.

Like that said Jill and let the book rest in her lap. After coming
back from Spain they played the rhizome-rat scattering in space's seven
dimensions and disappeared through many passages in long books. And itwas
so good in French.

But O O O that Guattarian rag its so elegant so intelligent.

'On nous a reproche d'invoquer trop
souvent des litteratures. MAIS, la seule question quand on ecrit,
c'est de savoir quelle autre machine la machine litteraire peut
etre branchee et doit etre branchee pour fonctionner.'

Tzarazthustra called Jills and Franny weeping after these words of
flood and fled.
In Spain we were very real.