Some words of the ghost TeXt

Some words of the ghoSt TeXt

Ghost Guattari haunt Mona,d Jill passed then by the window slowing snowed her bodies into the pavement, missing the inventions of gods et dieuxz... the belly button that unhooks to leave the arse falling away...v oids upon voids dripping its ooze and primal slosh.Here were the words Of Uncle Guattari`s :I am God most of the time when I dont have a headache, when Ithink of everything and nothing, when I'm not slipping down any Satanic slope... Then I understand quite well that one might settle oneself downin God or that one might settle him on a pedestal. I will not repr oach --- Jill was happier to read this than any day.anyone for that.On the other hand, I can conceive that artists may feel obliged to - Yes on the other hand, of Mona`s double delivery articulations, there was an arcane =--uproot that sort of comfort. Consider neuroleptic divinity; consider the vertigo of abolition; consider the extreme moment of creation.Is that to say that God might only be the privelige of thesimple-minded? An atheist like Pascal screams out God like a wild beast. And that is intelligence stripped bare.It would be advisable to distinguish God from belief. It is from the latter that all fool[folly]-ery stems. God is only a spell cast upon existence. He comes along like hail, sometimes dew or storm. Bel ief in turn, puts onairs of freedom; ups the stakes; imposes itself; stretches itself out over the socius.Isabelle Stengers wrote me one day to ask on which conditions and at what price I could do without God..... The answer is not speculative; it is a thorn in the flesh. All of that costs a great deal. It's inconceivable!Unbearable! Sauve qui peut! And God for all.thebreath worketh the night.heart beat, huffed and revved. bustedup guff. be well in a hurry. chair of light. settle downing dustling.

.Can You dig saith Jill deReader how it works, now.. as Mona tapedeck is busted wheel of nirvana she is wall by wall sideway walk to the saunter field. of Raise the dead. the Riant lute of summer.