pick off

How it would be? Another way? hold back that question stifle that syntax ring that worm-root hold that cannibal. Shuffle them frog warts grab them chicken-livers, shrink those cat-guts.

Jill's got her boots wrapped around the scenery of Shakespearian Macduff. Can she get out ? She's got her breasts wrapped around something else too and it's rather taboo and forbidden. So much so we can't say what it is. 'T'is' so overtly repressed these nights, a stinking rag, rattle of bones a pink tong.

Shaking , pissed off, peeved with the bloody betrayal.

She cant and wont. Wont be desirable to 'get out' as they say. But one candle points to another in a streak of crazy castles. How many worlds have come and gone since ? Each glance is upward and hurling its pitch on the stone.

What does it have to do with D you ask? Nothing except it's my D, as it s my Dt & Rt too. so my Shakespeare which is a love like god loving a creature .... Borges says it doesn't he in that story about mister s.w. meeting god near the end of his days ....

But Mona's titled and tilted toward the sun and continuing the chase for the first word last word.

A butcher would understand this wouldn't he with his bloody apron and haphazard smile.

bloody knight'd have no hesitation slashing the throat .