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ah said Frannyto her one night. We need to shoot the ducks
once and for all and stop all this ..

then Jill saith where is my daughter? My daughter ? and my Nomad

and Mona said I am the man who becomes courage like a lion

and in those days there was a lion de coeur named Jill. and

she was.

and so there was an idea, at least one little idea said Deleuze
quoting the Beckett character named Molloy.

and so it was in the 4th year after the recordings and the desire
that desired its own repression spoke.


Let these damn epistolaries unfold! unravel in time! make their dogs! bite! Hurray!

flat world/Square head!

Flat chested Joan of Arc was her lover and saint.
> Soup du jour wrote:
> >
> > The world is flat. When one puts a stick in the water, it bends.
> > Telescopes are creations of devils. Atoms are indivisible.
> > Earth is at the center of all things. God could make His uni-
> > verse only of perfect circles. Do you really mean this? Reality
> > is text.

mONA Was Crawling through the archives and found this. Ah yes.
She said. Lovely Berkely.

The Bishope. Ah yes.

then later the phone rang it was Franny or Fanny.

the VOice said!

I am Felix Gay tarri torializations

So all please go there now with your sticks as I am text sex and