rOLl an Surge 

Gear and tear/ joy of the crowd

  ______________________________   this '   ~centerpiece' of mystery and joy

(i used loud before / not good as it's a blandishment of the perfect balance  in the sigla)

  Mona's in cassock, greca (the long coat) and Roman hat.  She aint a priestess but she's a  man of god whomsoever the bells toll they tell (an toll) for you  ~  thee in the extraordinary pronoun. Of which there's plenty in a hunkin' nose, downtown. In the coliseum Lions Roar. it's the gold cassock suit at the dawn ringing the reign of light the extended love affiar across the world afire..

                        (we gathered in the loggia) 

                                Tombs, rooms and catacombs , honey hives, ringing beads, row on row rosary an roar
                                               this is where the god comes
                            flying crucifix in the praying
                                        bowing father
                                                    in the rain

                                                          at twilight's Rome   ~.

 back in france, the eldest daughter of the church  
    a cry    of some existentialist caper
     perches beneath  the

  the bells of Notre_Dame
         ringing louder than the ecstasy of ten thousand saints hosannas hosanna
                     singing in the skies