schizophrenic palace

The schizophrenic palace. She's there/ Wear a gown.a presdestal. working vision of what 's not 

between. a dead word and place is not captivated by a noun climbing another . what's another 

noun climbing a deadbeat noun rivetted along the byline of  a sudden rhyming. Another vest and 


Against a lip a door  a swinging thing leading her thighs. Opening mine. Redburn by the wall of 

her fair tomb. Not a ship or knight but a splendid castle of rich winking lighting binding the 

brindle fair wind of her sigh.

That plateau is a fairy-tale of memory Mnemosyne a seventh winner on the grace's stalwart. After 

S comes returning C. and buried by the beck and call on up to her teeth the rest of the weather 

worn retunring sun. Reckons the place is best  kept by nuns . Escaped from abbesses and