Beside ?

 All your fonts are perfect type. A slide on comedy's vein! Mona's a lover       Mona's a vagabond bum . A typical leftist of the ripe sort, she's a cool column of silver, argent and gold! She's cold. And looking cool in a svelte fedora, she's colder than any spy bummed out on the lam of . The detective variety show. Says nay to mean yea. Cigarette butt tipped off her lip, burnt eyelashes, a hugger mugger to her ass. Men falling for and cry! her bum! her bum! her small shaped body! A woman! A woman!

Tattooed to the captured territories. Not lazy like a ny winter but moved by broad sheets and nothing. Every woman and man wants her . They sweep empty empires hoping to find her body. Of beauty and subtraction attraction. With the gold that's old.


                    No one has to know to know anything  . Not the room number nor name. its place and time are secreted through the walls of the room . We are finding new time, no fining. Not a fine!