Ouns ~ Vico's Most ghost

Jill blowlamping her peepers. She's cuffed her embyronic shape.

lusting after this woman.____________ After it's said.One elides. Well, territory is like that. Aint it?
shoes in the land
of the midnight sun

theres nothing
Mona can do she dig her______________her heart's a mouth spoon_____
dig_________________neither false pretender nor real. She's camped on thebed.
and dig Jill wont become her woman become her.
yet She cant see her thing as much as her void. And so the eclipse goes out ~
I might
Jill hurries her hair. She holds back the string stir. it hurts rocking her night. her
body's gone song in him. he's her.

__________ franny : how does one write?
how? onetwoconcealconnect. as grassin mouth.

.mouthsgonowhere. as stair. to park.