In March Mona said to

O there aint nutthin you can do do do do
you cant do do dew dew do cause she's like you
and a few
shes few like you achoo achoo she's the wrought word steppin in her zebra galaxy Mona.
Mona wont ya come home.
How can the plateau slip so slidely
how can it rip its ease round the tent.
Of your becoming there's many and muddy. My love. My truve. My truve love. Come to the fish.

________________ DId you find the black balcony close to your love
troubled by the sheer intent of its weep. or the hard smack of the bass
and electric cut of the guitar wrangled round your never never nerves?
O Mona after call ing her pal Jill wont her Fr anny come back?
Is there no space for the faciality of her grab bag?
________________ In spring she spare no care to cambering her lending and spending to fox the outhouse and worship in the sun's ruthless smile. O S of Smile and Pile of Pear.

__________________________ This petit objet A is fun between your legs. Come into my thighs she saying kiss my hairy busy bush. There's home for your there yet.

In June Jack said to Mona who was hiding away in suburbia.I like to rock n roll,
and I like to rock an' roll with You!

Is that my fault ?
Is that your fault??
A little machine got knit between us, and there
Aint nothing wrong with that,
There aint nouthin you or me can do! Achoo Achoo!