draughted yer cut. king to q.3
cross-wove the dress.
always a cross, she
a dresser off power fool.
when things the guised reel
feel then.

Ok, Mona, she is bored wheat. over rain. their need
understanding over edged foot. Come on, yer dance is
this need to punish over other. repressed. back. to

density of thought. and achievement of big hotting. Come one Mona, we
hug a nun rubbing her clasped breast breathing held-up breath.
She come as hold her. And priest? priest is beleaguered bugger of
this man she hold for her gendering posture to mud her fake
involuted covered glass. She pretend to understand. No
can stand this under of foolish prate? she compose
beat stress beat stress stress beat huspicating
her ass over a wheel drawn barrow. A nun kissing
her click clock cock. He has hard on to her mouth
narrow to her gauge. She scream pope as she come . Her muscle
thigh sinew to his bound.

--- as for the simile of god
and his marching platoon of piresi priest
for god sake keep the festoon cleric far
hence to this peace of language
cape coveted by dead and living

shush to yer nagging truck
holding back of flock


huspicating is pun or jeu-de-mots
on the word Haruspicate