and she in love

dont gaslight me dude.

Jill's in love with lumpenspace princess a thousand leagues under the C. of communism and other . and she.

AnyHOW . 
Along comes the real gal one fine day with braided hair and rings around her feet her galloping toe  and consumate skin the color of rose tinted tiny glow and the dark plastic Jesus herself.a real crucifixion and believe you me, the real bandana ain't the same. a banana up the soft ass wasnt quite what she'd prepared herself for unto like these is the queendom of heaving heaven. her gender free belly button knowing the craven cutlass of clitoris.

  But for certain's as day has a dainty price
she was in love with

lumpenspace princess 

Gods bless her folding ass! an armchair of lotions! to this wretched sun of the third degree!.