Mona Mirror

----------------- Jill sees her first a hardon with her girlfriend. then grand transferring it to Franny who's fanny used to the buttock heel.

behovely thing to which she belongs and the transcendent bum of her loving. this 

woman's got a thing for Mona. She's from Mirror mirror on the wall . And the sunshine 

and lust. Like an envelope of true fuck. I have sung about her. Her dingle and dangle 

. A morning's glorious tapering her finger up the true blue divide divining and dividing 

this blessed foot. A kempt curse of love's sticky bawdy.

______________Now if that was yr lover how the desert'd burn in your feet . to say your sexsocks'd burn
across the grand bison of time!!  hAIL THEEE ho Mona. Buckshot boogie!