iF jill has a hammer shes got claw footed  . Shes got the hoomy gloom tooombs! And russet mantles and bird shaped brinders.  If these are true it's cause she wants . a whore makes her face plastering powder and shit stuck to her glue eyebrows and her knees quake the first faithful she's submitted her corps . And sends a message I am like this bridge between two  and I am like the summer cunt that holds are drops and I am like the city with no women and I am like the city with no men  and too many many men to too few women and the double rimed caretaker has taken my place . She places her purse by the fibrillating vulva at her feet conch shell to her Venus pell mell. Is this the way she pursued and expected? her singtime sentence to the Olivia of grapes. and the grand thighs. and  gathers. as she was wont to become.
Had she borne any resemblance to the thing she saw. Tie thigh to the merry night,
rope a caul bury that face. Rub and ruff   ~ poplin to her goblin  ~ Face face face that face. That pricked thing. dying of its.

(You'll fix that later Mona to her pretentious orthodoxy the dictation of a hooker. ) Not a bitch at all but the ruination of crumble . And cookies to her cache along the florida of her south. Not a reckoning at all but a pleasure craft. The rolling     of  and    she]
rose  ,,   she  rose   ,,

Not a word to the language  her saint. persona  dictations abounding not her masque  but face becomed the. ANd her lip here down and the face. Breath gracious as the care   of.

Soher cruel jewels.