Stands commands ... commands?


Jill stands on her head: a  sunny day ... people in the world want cooperation. She knows this but the intensity of her speed make s.  Not quite alone, however, she's a  hydra head of c reatins.. Not cretins, saying Mona the cracker-jack philosophers've yodelled their blues down the hole of debunkable . 

Not  a mouth or breath between __________________Assemblages! lovers! bodies, her face. A d ear kind loving softness. To ring her with clovers. Her green line of flight, swept by the territory of love, passion, just , jewels, running brook,                    _____________________and feet. Which pitter patter. O lover, she has a world of flowers. In her palm.

______________She commands love.Living along her plateau. A place of jewels and reefs. The glass.Glass of desire . along her skin. and bones. as  a water marking the delicate place of reunion renewal.

 __________Have any heard this song, a train whistling in t he background... the old locomotive sound.

Funny how the word loco motive. Funny. Motive loco ... must be latin she smirks. patin to smile her upside down earth. As the bearing straight for heading inward goes.

And the rocking slows,

As the drift and afternoon.

 And  ....