Okay____________W's for Winter and

Jill's missives are merry mucking!

"Okay Miss Peaches and ___(I suppose cream, if there is any!)  _ I'll be at the Berri thingamajig at just apres 5 oclock! Guess, the other computer was Englished but it acts peculiar in the web. I think he overboosted it! weird.I was not able to blog literally, so I had to use this one the one I have been using. Which is working better than even, especially since I gave it a week off ! I cannot blog, what good is a computer to me ? If it's naked green blue and light,  or it does an ode dancing round the my living room floor, of what use? Of what strange significance ( it is the right word, I assure you)can the shoulder of the writer be should she, he the gender free fuck the flatfooted signified sans pere signifier become without his typewriter blogger machine world?
None I say O Horatio! friend of my bosom! and other parts, he hails her from the siding

AmI near mad?

AmI am mad? Or am I miss raven? Clocked in my cloak? On the rattlements from cage to cage! Mister Duffy you have holes in your head saying so kindly. And you do O fast man of the pen largely writing your own spoon hesitation

O miss groundswell hog day! Thy pig is orient pearl.  Perhips I'm miss revenant. And I have my boybreasts for older women to loveicate. I am fictionate. I am your please. 

Her buttocks were woven wool? Is that potable you old nanny goat? A man got a spill on his way to the market with the amerrrrican way roughing hisfea thers . When does an Irish become an Irish and a child a man ? If he saunters long far wide of the mark of his home original passionate birth of his place? 

If Mona's  a devil
she's one with two heads
four breasts
etcetera and

you'll never catch her   ~ she's blind as a  goat   .