O foolish creators of vines!

Mona  has a lesbian selfhood its mannerism are her main talk. Not becomg a cat or dog but a puppet on a  string hitched to the master of . Cerement  _ well ,, pissing herself she has to admit Lady G is in bed with  
                  her  _____ er. A nice couple of peaches they make A humped back whale couldn't be better. The first time Lady G did that was a ways back, and the same goes for Lady S. Now Mona hangs in the deep water of vertebration philop and has her hands 'lifted' with presence and near absence a transcendental god, not a dentist, is her trues hope and fondest wish. it's gloves off!

One night Jack gets home he's hot that is Jacky gets her underclothes off to uncover multitudinous _ How    
 many people are sleeping in my bed! She roared! her whiskers a tail wind in the cutting throat of . And then she and he came along the hood like any backwheeled page hustling her slang idiolect. She came in his head like a I guess you know what  . Apprehension and beauty is the duty of thiefs and honest to goddess she wont write here what cant be seen. Not being foolish she lives in the twentieth century.

If Jacky has a better deal it wont begin in these brief columns, nor in  the headlines of her bust size.




A tourniquet a ring a chain she's done it all. Next near to her pissing she's savant?  _ Mona come along with      with  her mouth in the ~ nearest end of wearing forks , knives, trees, icicles, isosceles - in addition shes' appareled with triangles round her foot  ~ spent to any throng unearthed her bawdy pair of legs! O within your body   ~ the tearing sound not the vulgar but the  worst thing is the huckster! and the resounding ! pap in the face of the singular universal. So Jill insisting on her knees to a genuflected deity, punitive commission are the sure sign of its uselessness. 

gods that approve death and sacrfice monstrous creations of the past bloody as hell and the depressing idea of covering their  bodies clad with the dark noise of 'their'pas t . So how many times travel there in the hungry food and angry deity of the god?

Question mark Franny holding her nose and the forest and chair and calming the tree and rubbing the backyard wind and coupling the rhubarb

and lifting the sow package of its   No no Mona resisting _____> If Mona's true virtue is to accost men she's one haughty harlot in bed.

THe strep throated maiden of choice   its what Jackythinks of thinking as he thinks of her. That waste of wool and seperation reflex. How sick ones in the world! she woes.

 ______________Turn around! O mes forets
     ____________Turn around O saisons

No one speaking this way you old crooner.

Hold your horses Mona Jill Jack and the gang   ~  She's not far from wolves  ~.


You little tramp!

if she had anything it was something.a sled a desk evading the bullet eye nose. How does one camp? It's the belles-lettres boulevadier but none persuades better . So she holds on. Holding on she''s wrung the chicekn feathers from the milk? is it silk? Okay Mister I go you hence you barbarian cupidoll. Is that how you spell it?

You  ________________organized, you ____ organism, you___ articulate
your body–otherwise _______________you’re just depraved.______________ You will be signifier and
signified, interpreter and interpreted–otherwise_______________________________ you’re just a deviant.
You will be a subject,___________________ nailed down as one, a subject of the enunciation
recoiled into a subject of the statement–otherwise you’re just a tramp:
I have not been any of these things  . .   Wrapped up as
they are in their

I have been the parts hole to knock it s wholesome. Fruit of glad l with an L missing
bearing its perverse

Not a gun moll.
Nor a beckoning sans clause
She placed
that semi
just as
it belonged there.


Ignite that fire books and weeds. brook! no fault on the cambering rail. its indecent sock the many plenty that make many talk. outside the white its bird side pool is the 

Hold your breath thy you try every ring you know force the summer to its jewel  amethyst if you must gold if cold argent silver to hold

This mesa knows no other rider bare ridden to its swain and the caregiver 

Trains roll and roll foulard to their Venice the city keeps time its fetid impulse not a radiant 

  Do you hear that Jill she's rushed in the door class as any cheapside babe she's a rock n roller to her peeled onions and this ladies are laid to her betimes laddies.  Sapphire true rues all cruise to her fine flaxed ruse hamadryad to her barefisted wool. So love gods and goes. Its apparent knaves the fussy beats of   ~.