Jill woke up becoming

deleuze woke up reading Hippolite fell back asleep woke up writin'about Hume He was vroomvroomvroom! henceforward there was no more of that. She was weird in her wired an event come seeking. Who'd be so dull as to believe a man in interview, dying as he breathed his last.

Well! __________________ Franny moved his crybaby carriage. they were many monstrous devenirs and the best and worst were the betrayal and bereft of any juice comme laude she moved along the asshole page, checking out the notorious seeding season.

is that, my dear, a HiPPoLyte or a Hiipocrene! what oath bound one to the follies of youth in a telephone booth ? Knocking on the windowpane next door to german philosopher of the dialectic ~

what singular communism made love a bucket? what was the nothing chasing the rabbit its own tale of fury and woof? its' commonweal was woe , not chicken and rice.

Franny Guattari sending telegrams. Jill becoming herself woman as the becoming mermaid of this tide
and the Fanny speak!

Its well known that there are hegelians that work for the police! along with sly debt incurred thus they're rewarded amply with telephones, holidays, cheap resorts, and all sorta payback.

these police are the ones in the molecule and the molarcule. and the paranoid is the attempt to force and interpretation. they are they cops of desire and poetry, the constables of philosophy.......

Remember O Clare the Dialogues!


hegelians are privat e paranoid police
they bit
round the BWo.

the weak link.
the remainder is capture machine.


it used to become

one day a genius collared the hour. sieve of glass. patch to word one and two. slip yer sliding floppy!

Biographique ~ hail the air of horrors! its

hat two these creations?________________palaver the rim
does a body never end somebody?_____________ hearten the wheat
does the chaosmosis link the nuclei of mutant subjectitivities?___pulverize the bed
is there a spelling bee perhap? perhelion chance to territorialize the deft spaces of continue?

__________________she aimed diolcletian discontinue. other Ratatat was Mona parried in her prayer.

Show her legging. Her foot swol pregnant ~ her first child ~

a fundamental policty of

you dont mean that do you?jill rings. rings ring ring. ring. its the pseudo wakietakie of till time. tow us a part not whole (bearing) part. or the navigator's wheel the what? she worries it simply not simper. nor Redux make to the exaltant line of reform

I cantsee~ blurry dog ~ its the hour hip swim ~ the pastried page .the rattle thing thing thing.

tak e the gorge.
the cope line the china chain gang. over the rockies. round the alaskan border. the dew drop and the dont drop inordinate strata of barried fountain.

then Jill remind s. the body. its mirror and language. and something as. veins, pulse, blood. not .
and the woman twined round her table

and that that thing! was that echolalalalia ? was she prophet to you prophecy she chimed


Nex t thing is get rid of Big Omphalos and Egg. Read the backward matching book!. what? she has seem her eerring era earing !

Him aJill unbuckle her sex felt south to her border

Come there reminder ~


the personages personae are not 'character'zzzzzzz

keep turfin' yer territory . not a geologian but a tillichain courage tobecome.a crucifixionof ? of the femalemale bycoming? what centre of person is that? but the whirl spin past in the tucking away day.


Mona has not made this

when I find
my indefinite brain emulsion I''ll be fine the. whoop and way-out of redlight green blue churned amber'll spell the speedy day of indefinite articles. my sandals 'll pay your way.

this way you come close to Mona's fictions. her happy skippy boomdock dance. pavannE ! Mighty Trailer! along t he movie of self and your poetry making days. Not the sad match books of deadening rapporrt. or the sadness of its painful.
we wont do that.

will we? this is the battered ram . Mona' s cage twenty-five centimes.
There are no more centimes and more's the poverty for it. man moves toward more conformity. The end of racism does not mean the start of Utopia. One has to write Utopia into the veins. Not like Sir Thomas More and his boring blandishment of t he state punishing machine. Enuff of that. She said,her skirl skirt tumbling away to her half-way down thighs.

________________________MOna has written a play
A potatoe! She's Jill to herself and the others personae are not character and their defects and runaway double blind double agents cunningly changing sides trade secrets galore in the gambler gooey selves.

Jill; to seulement student . CP. is there. So is Cl.D~. it s the altered hours of French consciousness. 1978/ The lione walks in arrived from Italy. hes got the code and formula for revolt. Metropolitan Indias are autonomously not working. Independly stay ing at Home
Fou a Delire is their gear.

she came to study as a translator but left as a debater!
Excuse moi! but Im not into the leftright cinema of desire Mama et Putain! Monsieur Monsieur les schizos sont patrolles dans les rues.
Quelle language you speak
What parole de jour in yer lingobingo!
Thither me timber.
Timbre me posting.

I have been the freud of your dream
royal road to bearing consciousness straight!
as way-laid we line up
our given and taken.


MonaAh has found again the consciousness of escape. her love passing by every stranger. She's kinder than jewel.

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Report tothe Front Desk Mona
we've found the centaur century for you ~!
I t was not afte rall was said et done
the 20th
but the 21 st in all its glory and bim bam bum ~ .


mona gets her goat and shears the lamb

Mona gets her goat shears the lamb. Lamb of bog. lead us. to payment. crumbled by power and hourglased by tubas. she's corn. pardon his sifted stench!

Is that blood of the lamb in the woofed warp of thyme rosemary, cumin, caraway?
Carried away she's carrots to her embryonic sheep.


crosstown fliction

Indeed for every brain to go there's more to little. it's paring along soup , canned to
intent , "les reves des autres " sir, yes sir, sire to its hawk , calender of every amazing story,, board ,,
not room and board to her thigh [s] baked bean ,,

__________________________ what you are driivn at is the work.
them that dont grog and dig cant think connect link rhizome the pad of becomings. missing the lines going fo r the point.
Pintle heads all and plenty.

of Being & nothing she's told ,,

her dress ,,, here's the place, she came, inside her lenting thighs ,,, as wished her kilt,
lifting off, high over the grace of her be(coming) & coming again as any wave does, cursed by the sigh, a fell-down calender, spell me not true, to her wishing bone , no longer an I, to speak ,

tittle to her shyster , she's bravura to her con grape leaved vie ~ .

_____________________Under her lace: breasts. Not the pretense to vanity and commandeering pettiness.

wld peak this cress , as fun to her moon, ass to her cry , any shiver ,, does ,, me timber

,, s ,,, buster . like made the soup hefted spoon, putter'd the can, felt the tip fen, fenneled her root and "pan-can" missing to re not da in so re me fa so la ti do,
[you mean Doctor LaCan?]__________Well it goes better here.
is that how it end ?

come now , , you up-phrase me with yer hypocrisies and ,__ Fanny to her Jilly.

she's bending down her grapes___ copy cat gingerginger she raves!
holding to the terror dawn,________ now look here says Mona.
grasping heel
at each plate of soup

burled like a tiger ,,

Jill burnished the cap, her burnous to place the thigh.
the father step was stepping out not clattered by the grace of the object ~

its the bye-bye beginning of another

as each was wasp
to its told
she carried its mold outdoor
not bothering to shift the drag

on her wake in any other sender
holding her corresponding lover ,, back , his wheeled drive stuck ,, her gear ,

not a trout to play any other way ,

ducky, you see what I mean?
ducky? Ducky? d'ya See what I mean?


take sheet here and bend coil for finding wrapping paper
to ______________________________________


marriage is for the wills
hills reading
and bedding bow
Onto lip
counter feeling
as the damsel
and maiden
the golden geese ~


the hippy hunting grounds
here or thereround its place of
titillatin' matching