Come along with you

Come along my fairies !~ hold your horses, they'd taken your breath. Not your breadth. Or the downstair case whirling into the summer heat. Or fathered by the saying of its time. Now wrinkled by laughter either or was the sound of your Juan fingered the weird leaves. The beckon of second steady tune.

Go along the tattering of bells power'd clap~
it'll lift up and UppeR its
landings each one
perforce magic


For this outward stellar strength's not the matter at hand. O handy one that she is with her trailing boots. O go along with you now .... wee fairy feet buckled in the lane of its river,

its spring



At the edge of geoglogy hear that crab .... yes, it's over .... there... see .. it ....what voice mattered the song?

She'll have none like that. This is that, its us the tender timbre of its voice.