the peaky letter


you keep writing as if Mona don't _____________, but don't realize she loves you as we all do, none was there to meet you.

We don't know the Paris world. Its dark and dense __________ what is his so called name?

i am not a real I, my I was shattered years ago.furthermore i have no desire to reassemble it. i hate the Christmas and rest of it, they force me to play games i don t wish to play.

Someone almost killed myself, but got a hair cut instead because now ----------- look like a concentration camp man.

(they complain about my i's.)
but you made fun of me too so what did you
expect>? SniPSNAp SnoPE. Slope fine line. Ligne d'arrêt.

you mocked me when i said lets speak. gentleness you say? oh then let it be gentle.

i love you,


Giambattista Vico

the cruel.

__________________________ This way the circle was compleated. Folded round its draperies it past roster, tucking away the hearting night.

A cling to hurry across passages of delight and Guattari.


If you owned a real desire-machine revealing you wouldn't complain like this.