Lamb's tail

Mona locked and loaded. Jill jingoistic her thesis driven riven cloven in parlay to her suppen stance her dance toe hoof footed to pray the breath of solitude is highly unlikely untimely as the beat of spirit, its pulse winding down the sky, neither impotence or importance were her forte. Her lover's lips hung not dry but hanging berries waiting to be plucked. Her puce taste was fruit of the lime and her gleeful gladed its succulent state.

Tantrums and to do and to dos and not dos were dinned into the leather bound book her heart spun around.. Does that make sense Mister Jacques? Are you not glowing over embers hearting the tray spooling the knife?

The roof jangled
doorbells lined up in attention her attentiveness was mangled singled and tingled. Her ring __ Jill tallied the cost of their love, and it was not wanting, her highbrow was lowborrowed to the reredo-room style. Arthritics and archictecture made for a finer balance . Her surround was country plain, her pedantic putty shaped to order. And did her puffy nipples cry "indark" for sucking lips?Inoculated lover__ Sure to bejaysus they did, as her ocean found nave was spun full skirted to its handsome page. Her stance was knight-templar, paged squired and unruled by lofty kings and rugged gods. Was this pinchhitting and the whole enterprise pinchbecked? and punch drunk? Only the real we knew and choired they curtained their hoisting behind bending partners and gibbous rooming houses.
Lodge as she could, her never day was done by otherwise. Let the rain come with her lovers,and feathered hats, her boa constrictors and terriered feet, her cocker spaniel earrings, her dozen dainty toys. O my clawed hammer! what an operator is the spy! is the lament the bet! graced by the hour of stone.

O my mating line! oh foal partner. Her gallop was trollope to her thong! her whale tail a bone job to bucky the horse. A centaur coupling in the coo of loveglub
O the grubby afternoon and glove compartment she stored her shoe-laced bunion there, her twinkly toe . Think of the painted toenail and the feet! veined as trellis work, ornamental as jesus hisself.

Fannny arriving garaged the 'car' the van, the cape truck. With her luckif she knew anybetter she'd be in business. But this cloaking later -on bloom caught her scent quicker than two shakes of a lamb's tail.