this then that

You take say


"where does time resist? does it carry watches holding rising day. thighs like penumbras to choose your light. her knickers say portside to bearing. crow's nest rifting heavenward's galley. the ship rusting. calibrating its needle point compass.
arriving at le harve. is that so?"

adding that ~ you become lover ~

You call it Ulysses economy encountering hair flung trigger. Mix noun covet verb. Shove I under weather wealth of becoming. Restless to hoo-hoo boogie boogie boilier room.

Suppose a woman comes by. She bye and bi her federal sex tax return is not rammed to her guilt but port to her butt. Not the Porte of old Turkey. And the Ottoman chesterfields of Cteisphon.

Of these birds are numerous song. Medley Rumi darning wool and fairy tale along the river Tigris whirring the floats men have been. Women hailed their hair. You were there with Franny hovering along its ancient craft

Summered by the pull.

Sumer to its aging castle. As your bones have done. Clapped ot the ridge the ancient cave seen its day

if the sun-heat flowed into the sea it was combat to rage its gulf.mouths swore this. Felix harried his gun.

Everyone has gained this way. Mona her monks and the others, nun ~ . Szzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Weathered by worry. We placed there the setting sun

Not carried by another

But rivered by its intention our cargoe freighted with gold and wainscotting . We boarded the marshes. How she asking marshes as dust whipped its sand in our yes, our eyes yes. It was the swan that rang its ever pullulating yell.

Thus was our yesterday our perilous song ~ .

Everyone gains thus our song. Mona her monks and the nun ~ sssZzzzzzz .