especial Jill carried her rain with her wherever she went, as toothsome as the sky.

Mona is her canon. Breaker of the stuttering mimicry , jewels baked for every vendor. Carry on in her willfull package. A song to ding along her cherries and throng the . The boy looked at the steer . The cow saw rain.Not pig grunt on the yuletide of timebecomings.

Fanny lies beside them. In her dented palm. She lift up to her mouth. In her mouth he walk. down the swallow of her throat. Calm as any rain.



the capture of paranoia aroundthe panics of boom boom and clutter race. the raavage of capture apparatus. the night pulling its bodies across the world. what some call screen. the madness of fortune....



Bother my hair! Jill shouting across the navies of a thousand leagues. whats this? hook of sink liner? will her troubled become lavy? shall wing her earthly things aside. ASiding that she severaled her maziness to keptdom come ringing her fuzzies all. way. Aggregated by time's pasture.

is this rhizome then the capture code of paranoia? we''re not sure~