blue blur

Religions are worth much less than the nobility and
the courage of t h e atheisms
which they inspire ' Deleuze discussion oct 26_1989_after seminar _ Clare & I. she grab his coat. they have affair. so do does me. with Parnet. we affair meanis I sleep with Deleuze thru her. she sleep with me. i be 32. then with lady from eustache film. so we three f_ck sletp . Apostles to god the Father. buT ___student walking with ~ asked about ~ this other quest of religion non la philosophie ~ il a repondue tres vite ~ .not a tues seminar but afternoon ~ of smoke air filled ideas clickey clack tape. parnet goddess eric / other/ i see head/ not /whirl of idea ~ leaning of ogre his ~ leaning back others nameded now. not so. as will gathered sheets in her hand. w heard him. he say. guattari va parleze le semaine prochaine. but wecould no~ t hear. voice goin raspy as` metallic ghost immanence whisper ~

everyonE prefer. yes. well the starving?where is yer responsibility lie> question
is night
in charge of day body? is heart fornicated to death to betray by what has not been seen, not met?
webcams around the place called canada
not dadada or canadadada
its caca
cacacacacapeepeepeepee but we gonna see molecules before molars

I prefer real winter. She prefer taxi blow job .yep. oh yep. was coffee blow job. coma to we was after. yes inside her you know where.yes. you do. yes. even when yer feet? yes . oui bien sur. why? its not for them . in rich place.OH/ why U say dis? cause you sad? non? on ? on c'est pas. on ne sait rien dans vie. >la vida est Avida Dollar|no money no funny. yea. I know . its hard, yes. its hard. when you stay always nada. for you. god hate you. god dere no go.d. then what hate You? who know? Capital ? hate you>> >when you born. he made shit on yer head. Yes. I know. I am cursed. since kid.


your fuite my foot!

your fuite my good boot! my my my How Sir Beller renounced them.Reconnoitered to her selfrempli~

now that's child~like wrangled Sir Mona. Come again, dare dear yer fumble fam. Come along your commingling is a ducksometoothersumma contra bentiles benthos. The laff wont boo. Boo? yes, Boo as in Moo ~ shimmies acorn across the cow forest .


La Fuite

nothing nothing.
come thing come thing come thing
come thing come thing come thing
yes we knew. oui we knew
we kne w yes oui we we knew
fuite était idée poétique avant de venir idée philosophique avec les frère guattari et del

La Fuite.

Paris, Gallimard ~ 1947 . Tristan Tzara . Dad Deleuze was a young'un then when old Sir TRistAn Tzarazouthstra becomer published this book of ver/poetry ~

in 47 didiodel was 22~ Fuite lignes de fuite ~ Tzara there first ~

La fuite : poème dramatique en quatre actes et un épilogue, 1947.

I read this play in the 70's about a year and half before coming over idea live of guattarideleuze

In them days we was stealing book. so we can read. mouth full of books. hungry as money. was our lotion. Hugngry as Hugry. Hmm novel word. eh persona filled of mouth. go Mouth young loutish. Go personification of ratification. of Celerity's cover brother. Around thy antlers young


laters we spoke to them. Montparnasse ~ moi et ton pere Tzara Sami ~ et Le prof. CHallenger et ton frère Genet et ta sœur Angela Davis. Soeur angela? son sa soeur

alors mon ma ma mon ma ma~ ma ma mon mon? mon de venus mons of venus. mounds of venus. penis of mound ~

yes we knew.


876 Plateau yoyou. Tzara and Deleuze discuss Spinoza Spontanoes Dada rapture.machine of capture. of captcha. of captch! what man! are yatalkin'bout? Amn't I praise enough by love ?

YEs dadio deleuze was Tzara son.He Tzarathoustrian zalt ~

So I'll fit fit fuit you then ~

... Turns out big Daddy Deleuze killed his self so the others could live? was dat it? the breath of suiced was flung high dry so thee other . lived. Livered. yellow lily livered bastard. Is that you? what father cut hi ski gloves as that?
Shackle_lless from paternal papaism we go slide mouth to rinse river mouth. Roun south sending ripple confectionery core . Yes, dear one. Come around yer homocide. the one . that came. and left . fakir son. half brother. part sister. came to go went. as leave to take. leave taking.
I am the father of the fictions. killed off to swim multiple pack of . Jonah and the whale . of a rhyme. curtsey to her curtain. her nose was filigree winded around the last store of cancer.
she was winded by the very hurt bridge. no languate for her wit. raconteur in midst.