to have asked

 Calling off the wagon and tenting in. Aether  . Mister Aristotle's principle.

Coping. Along this road on the island the

loud  clear

   Why are there things rather than none?
   Is it true,  she asking, is it so it took you once 6 years to watch a movie?

iNSane to ask. as if existence wasn't mad enough. to have asked
its intesnity bearing down diodes on the head.

and you say Poverty coming to greet you    ~ its dodge gauged precedent

its rugged fact doge to bullet self breaking lead on the markers of tombstones
many makers and their dea ~

Who knows what devil held your thumb?  carding dealing peeling reeling and unreeling

 Rumble and tangle. Ring her hair. That night. tonight her mouth haaed to shush it. Her.
and beauty was. Name. And  O it was . Not to speak its. Of its caring.
Tare . And of tarry not love tarry not this talk. Spaced to its

Of this way her name . Breasts was. White . As pressing corn. White . Pressing milk
and sowed. Its infant cross the pass.

 Her explanations . And everone two knows the hopital jewish is . and no one knows
why but. it is. yes and that time. No not that time. That woman
at counter her beaded hair. Was it beaded? at the cash . Her
to know its love bead was flung in the air . Of its desire. My

and the best in the . and none know why. knowing they know ` it's best .

because because O i was ashamed.  becuase they are . the intelligent.
Gentle gent of the body of tears. that has seen. but has seen. not seen
has seen . not seen. the suffering black suffering. of whose tears.
are not seen. as seen its suffering its the small. it's the same.
suffering. but at the cafe . that Tim Horton's it's  yes, it's as so.
One has the impression

Of Franny's many multitudes.