in june

In June Jack said to Mona who was hiding away in suburbia.I like to rock n roll, andI like to rock an' roll with You!Is that my fault ?Is that your fault??A little machine got knit between us, and thereAint nothing wrong with that,There aint nouthin' you or me can do! Achoo Achoo! Jack said to Mona: It was a day a day like any other, Or something like that. Yes something like those so and so like that 'Not those of but that of" yes of others.....
                          Like that he said turned the corner of my desire my wildness Mon territoire, et j'ai dit, je ne sais pas . The train might be going with me to good old Toronto down the 401 or the plane, or. So we gotta see, and 1030 is so early make it 11.
 And then the Philos are thinking and Yes it is and and One combines them to find the alchemy of contact the machine rings and the desire machines buzz and hum. till then" Said Jack and then Mona sighed with relief. Cause she knew Jack still like her, and more.

   And and and and so on so forthwith a therorem of therofore fore seeing? is it ring a twosome drifting a pear ? 

 Saint Jacky didnt know the difference between a beat a pulse and an annotated conotated revision of a fifth printing between her sheet of calibrated blue.

____________HHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm speed it up! Will ya?