In ThOSe

In those days stuttering Deleuze met Guattari who met the plate plateau of
translations and anguish. She was not what she seemed. He had been living on
the molar line which is why he experienced paranoia. I mean the molecular
but projecting onto the molar. Haha, switch-switch. So it went till he went
pop goes the weasel and went nuts. Then he heard from her who had seen
Frantic Felix in his clinic of La Borde of Love and Hate and Other things.
So it was like that. and was.

Let me explain for all the fools who do not write. There is always an
agent. Always, it is called decision and the machine is the decision. So. I
decide albeit the I is no longer I. So much of what secondary readers of
philo do is make rules the master[s] cannot contradict as they are dead. I
like to approach books and authors - and being one myself I really
appreciate this -- with that Deleuzian idea in mind - dont make the author
you a re writing about weep or turn over in his grave. Which image comes
from English literature and dates back to Sterne and Swift . So why be
fooled by the silly generalizations which "people" make about writing. When
they do not write. As William S. Burroughs told Daniel Odier in THe Job when
asked about the cut-up method and about whether it was too machinic or
mechanical, he said. I always make a decision, the writer is always there to
make a decision.

---- There are nothing but signatures of writers in the world of desire. Do
you believe your own theory? Not for a second replied Antioedipus Clifford
Duffy. With love and many conflections. O Philosophers!!!