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An accordian for your player. This then. Twirl around the plateau. Chop forth. Choppy.


she's heading... the full body of the earth

shes headingto her bodywithout organs stretching her navel neck
tinkering guitar strings reaching her toe and tail strummin her
full body of the earth
roar flow and fill its juvenescence hurrying wing of trimmed forest feel

Stochastic chasten'd Jill worke'd her Spinoza scholia, her narrowed forehead booked in the dark as any nervous cape brain drilled in out as her pumping oil

JiLl becomed embryonic point zygote blastula embryonic astronautical her carrying navel cord leashed in long yards. Back to her eden. Edometrium this room's her place its comfort her birth as this regular beat 's beating beatiing's her heart_ her hands paw shrunk to her republican plontinus her spectral wheat a breathing vein a piper to the height reality

Draughted air was her daughter/martyr


Jill: a barber's pole

works wrought feathers
its between teeth
word cup
their bare legs
winter's passing
over the sty
the wolf fold
its a deer hunt
mackeral to mace

becomes a tincture pad
eyes goin' dark her angel
fall fairin' field its a peasant's
hand grace the tearing of
buildings down wont
stop credit playing out
its heartless justice
jukebox to city


this tendence

Respite this tend_ance, her hat flipped over
voile, sideways like her hips ass wave to her high grade
aluminum wage of thin cress leaved to her gold nape

its Jill`s mander her bottle-neck
escape scuttle out to her dawn navy

Over ship and whalebone_d her billowy feather
not captured by orchid or bee, her giddyup and go
steals from her lover his best ones, her youth cruel as any stupid empire builder a whoreblanket american style
shes shipping shit and goo down her barrels,
knowing wheat from chaff like shit from shape,
its her american way
her american need to conquer and destroy plunder
the better of her weak .



after nY
after monas moved to toronto she stay in neWoRk city lIving inside of Moma. with Jill. who stay in Toronto ebbingbeside her.
she ebb the seward galvanitic.


Notes to Mona

he was transporting __ transpodding _ Franny . Rowing.

Jill was on a trasnsport _ valiantly cavalierly. Seditious brat of mouths. Back pedalling her harbinger. She became ASTONISH allegoric form of merry tree death of form endblissbecome of platonic form. Abhorrence was her vocal revolt. Mona was a soliciter. She studied law of formless hoveruin her politic absence.


what t is that hill

what is that hill Mona? shell fish to quay? boarding to pass over? is it so?
well hear it at the advent of present wounds not cartographed by literalist


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property has something to say about object. Sheening the grief. A m angled sheep on the end of a vase. Not a naracotic haze of effects. Clipping the consonant. Forever the corrosive steel, iron to the paddy winks.

Jill where did it enter Over maximum replies pushed its agreement for sentencing. This is your first shore. Not the best enter to a palace of fireworks. Or emblazoned harpies.


yer subject

yer subject was hidden alcove not your narrative


she remember

One to two's a god in heaven leather waisted . Stick like that . Yer shirt hanging the well founded face come to see its mother. Another wears please me song. Wish to her fate her hand around my ghost air. Orpheus machinic to her Mona double-dare itto me self. Itto. Her vocal chording replaced by song.

She remember a step up the plate over the brothel tower Paris, swinging

stepping its town hall gathering glance. No, not again p. Lease. Justified fair ground. Midway between heap and cup. this tired woe's no end. insite and outta site


Arrive Place Vendome knowing language's caved off. Accents heard to run her off metro train . One to the other. It mixes and moment.



Legend has it w'e're closing in , Mona, working the weakedest think in the harrow. Jill beleaguered by pest and shame open her death wish to his salving not so the narrowing
body of her borne. Within and out the door of what is and what if she sallied.
Like any caretaker mother. Her nervous lip-nibble gave her away. What sort of espionage cinq-a-sept is she? ANyhow? is this the irish telling on the wake her dearing down to felt pen tipping? or is it generosity to a fault? So it whoas, so it go.

Orpheus came home his sleep-room double-backed with his twosome. leg arm
twined and twinned. she was preferred with a thought.