laminated mouth

Mona liked the practical she was a guattarian boot. she hooted her ifs and buts, sanded her epoxy wax, handed the knight of hail-well met fellows,
over plateau and princip[e],
piroutted her caked-walk, duck-waddled
her bathe.
She was this thing theorized the theological,
squatting the possible, ringing her neck ,
needling the forest.
Tacit catatonic lance was her knight
not a fey wood to worst her wool.

upple guards, sooth her hamstrong owl of feather
& fleer her goshsome note, its
weather borne cap, .

[She was] Punctual with a pen,
a clap stood wake, glamoured a chain,
her house nowhere in page 'after' page.
Nomad in the trade wind
Florida key in her ankle weight,
winsome as age
only can be with lifted lace,
her buttocks bare as the sun,
That was most awesome rounding the sphere of

So to Paris, she pedaled , below the tower
of Eiffel, her Magdalene hair, her Renoir fur,
her Bardot gait tankered the rue,
not so daring as the
hemisphere of choired call , her Giacommetti
thin, and Picasso forehead, her Francis
Bacon breezes
and Modigliani thigh & hip, (oh oui, oui),
(mon amour)
her quim between sex open invite
of earth's full body, her favorite lover's

Camped in her reigns,
her whip thighs lashed him.

In her heart of plateau, she'd always been
his . In between each shy, she was away
but his always only. Some singular caught
their rim, of rain and arms by the
laminated leaf,
langour and his mouth,
glued to her.

Of these and other trees
she has made him.

Anti and Oedipus were her cry.
Laughter stood on the vein of her neck.