over the shoulder

over the shoulder Mona, ought to she,
to. Under river, & dale, was the kempt
proper instant of white caps wheat
and whetted feeling.Of cumbrance and bookstores,
key to unlatch the femur of antler walking moose,
its savage cave like appearance. when being
and nothing were the oily cap of their
peerage. Of fluff and buffed wind,
or landscape of eyes no more seeing
than hearing deprived of the fun
which makes collection.

Askance over the shoulder, under the ankle
a river braclet, a mummy ride like no other
taken o the lips forsaken taken off.
over jamborees and other tempers

Libellule of recall, penmanship on the twining instant,
as coffe when a day has passed, leaves nothing
but trains in its wake, asking the forefather to steal
his yuba song ragamuffin. Her mouth
leans again the doorpost. Mocking the silver
sudden of rain.

Whisper a barricade between her and I.
Walled of geography and memory.
Slipping off, away a hamstrung late.

Thus Mona.
and her child wheel.


wind waves

cat dog in the wind waves escaping the white caps their sheer noise,

of her fathom face

the gear push the petal posh and someth ing like the Earing of night. absent body

in the strafe of silence, the lover`s long. denial loud. phone call gong. Mona wept, she fretted, she was busy with rent, bills. Harried by harry, day and night. she wept him down, to feel up clitoris, her winter down song, the second year, alone, the double rent, false, of her lazy back pay. Time for a cigarette victory, huffed she.

Franny walked walked Franny walked to the garden gate, she waked herself to the garden gate, she walked herself to the gate. Franny sauntered she sauntered.
Of her body and its genders, she mixed the results of sin got hate, then He, set out for the Signifier, knowing he`d find death, and he did, for awhile.

Orpheus was the ring she`d forsworn inher love for something . Maybe kids, and malady , sickness, illness. If she were the fox hunted, day and night, he were the death that her bayed body and breast.

Chunked along, and sucked up his mouth.
Drip up the soaking kiss of its wet hip, shank down to street hip love. He gloved her.

over so many kids she could not be wrong, it was a memory, they were his. the multiplicities were his. He jamboreed a jig, wasting no time with tears, taking her to his bed , beds of hunker down hug . Or something with asses, and thighs in it. Genitals, cocks, his to hers, genitals, cunts sweet as peaches, clitoris, like roses,
hid spooned of love and its other names.


Windigo came to

Windigo comin'g.
came to _

Moon of the Falling Cold

. Its the ghost which hangs

so mutter her molecule.its sutler hike her
end. Or body of what? shut in the ceramic.

franny hangs the kite. haggers the bit
ter mentor of her Kate. wont pill
its pate of page and ransom.
Hardy to the fend of its fie,
her winsome glance of lake,
and pie. Quelle rime is bliss
of besom and obig bison swan,
over the Ontario border of her swum to soon.

Head back chunked up
swayward moon, up from
calvary coats, Hessians march
over pomegranate, Oona hear Mona , by the palce library, where scrolled wrought griffons pair with geeze. Squirrel
necked a people fare.

She hateth the squirrel, its rat eye, empty,
Timekeeper of her kidney over the
stable groom her black-eyed daughter

Farther, yet not removed.



between each verse, stanza

between, fingernail.



Orpheus is not,
was not,
blind ~

Oedipus was blind.

Not Orphee


its figurations. Mona black face, balcony

faced black faced, she did the "trots"

the triolets, the trotskies. David. and

Augerovitch. something like the desire deliriums

figures, not mythomemes.

Of Mona and mackeral, jolly holy mackerel.

I got the trots

is that it?

she says running off the shaving lotion, Jupiter

supreme symphony. rye in the blade,

cursed in the callow,

along grand river plank, I fled and wept.

a seasoned gal of went and come.

whence? it buries its soap. a

brilliant teeth of dawn.

dawn a sort of savage plate that subsidiizes its lawns.

she shall spellin in her fatigue. fatiguer wear,

of orient solemns and gathered daughters.

final as diurnal fidelity, in a small apartment

years back.


Mona parries. its down crest solemn tooth,

a solecism. As clever and tiny

as a matchbox, she was a coffin in his calendar, scooping up his thoughts.She wished she made the whirl of his bop her boop, not her Betty boop, but her prose

kinema calendar of tables and gather ginkgo monkies.

Taste this stick she says to him, I want to hear it.

Hears it, chorus of plain echo, plain song,

the plain style of orchard and beach.

A thousand years, to hear their song.

Of this and that and multiple others , there is a matchbook,

so frugal when she carries it, she never forget its,

forgets him, foregoes him.

He being too tired to care,


Swarms of her memoree gander her

garner. army. privates in her love,

corporals in her lance.

to his teeth

sucking on her violet.

take my ___

take my ___ too .

he did .




Mona bewared him .