Do Franny and Jill know the hills of fright?

in a fairy tale they do

along the hedges of their heads, and dharma. That way they will be(comecome coming) Deleuze and Guattari.

fright is the name of their second cousin the corrosive rope that threads which hangs their lives and deaths


instructors of

Franny & Jill were the hip instructors of desire moo-ing along the middle plane of consistency, like the gue of existential being but nothingness was not their pair. they were glued at the side-hips like any hyphened genus and seized by their size were mothers and inventors, instructors of desire and its thouand hands. like some Indian facade before the the ratabans banned their hands and eyes, their knees showing above their hips , their eyes down below their legs. like some sapphic twin forest of merry and mente they was bitch the back and back the bitch the ho-ho-ho. clinging to the mistakes of a past and the triple showdown of the South. Not the Twin Glads of had and allegory but the secret suck of the lip pull bend in the frustration of space .

its diary was her name. Mona, could break no rule. far enough to bear their luggage their love a trombone of blackguards and haters

and then they wrote AntiOedipus maximizing their plateaus and showin' their frilly full hems, hoops the boys and makes 'em cry!

and not a drink the whole time!

WELl then so was so and so was so.

However Oona


But you would never read Elizabeth Bishop.

know, I know but it sounds good.

But she do read Elizabeth Smart,

who I like better ..

By Grand Central station , I sat down and read Elizabeth

I shall go lie 'down' reading Elizabeth Smart by Grand central fragment alongthe river of roseS and though I cannot scent I shall eau-de-cologne my skin waxing my hair by the waters as my leman and hers are simply harbours at the pediment of mouth and we will sing there atree bed of drink to me with yer only hips slinkin' by the bedways of your lips
reading the one that sails


I shall read Elizabeth Bishop & lie down with the lion and lamb
building a space of discontent ordering the
sumbas piling the place
wicker the word the wrought basement spent
hearing the spent of breath

tsunami hell

The TSuNami of Love Jill shouted 'may' 'have' have shift shift have have shift will travel have fides travel shifted 'even disturbed the earth's rotation' 'move earth' 'under' the feet __ the feet which rhyme and tack __ tackled the ball quaked the moon killed "masses" the Mass "hefted poles" swung your vagina wrangled your hair hung your posses shambled your shakes pieeveeered your flights there goes your line of flight and listening to his ears I heard him speak in the voice of Drazuza and Meconan and the old grapes hung high a samasamba mong jong in the lingo pan Michael and the old testament warriors was crowding the stage

inside the nuclear test underwater that murdered millions souls screech over the dead sky and Caliban's herds head for America and then the language thunders millions of molecules death rays to the plunder a given reverence for death in the ReVerse of the universe of pain and bodies screaming for help flipping off to suicide like a real poet a dead analogy a cheap simile a racket locket a cabal a cabalology and a friend like some ship that's not seen its mate, its harbor truing over the turn in the play pen not some elegant language of rhyme and the shit of pace but what do we know

we really know

will the Kundalini phantom really sing your song and your sperm spray over the dirty sheets of desire. All your hearts rack the song tendering downthe duty dead day
hung out to dry come into pasture making peace with your maker leave her your pass code, leave her your password password over the blandished cell of adjectives ad for the ejection of your self try texture skip particles recreate spares no Bracha in Paris noggle down the telescope

chemical lover of the stray winds my hounddog of desires my invisible sex sexing you

the herds and bodies howl but that is not a word to impair their rhythm convey, suggest, hint , pain pain one cannot convey pain , eh Mister Artaud with your screaming body-without-organs,

harsh French language to get across the eggshell
the hell of dementia

Can it be a bomb?
a bomb that went
down under
to decay
the spirit of Man?
O laugh as you can
Mrs. Middle class Power
in your studied grace of decay
this is your world
cracking around the planet
slithering alongthe faults the trenches
O go back to the nights of marquees lit by innocent neon
A lagoon of embryos in your skin then
when I was something
a piece of page
in the wreck of pain
What do you know of Pain , she cowls to the professor, her eyes nodding gray in the dawn,
shadow eyes seethed in the chest pain of absence
What nuclear thing did this?
'Landslides or explosions such as underwater nuclear testing.'
Twisted rack

Mona: the common game, the barbaric game of war:

State machine maniacs//Lovers that dont love bodies that aint clicked
"A: Yes, The United States has conducted 1,054 tests of nuclear devices between July 16, 1945 and September 23, 1992. Before 1962, all the tests were atmospheric (on land or in the Pacific or Atlantic oceans) but overall the majority - 839 - were underground tests. From 1966 to 1990, 167 French nuclear test explosions have been performed on two atolls in French Polynesia, Morurua and Fangataua. Of the 167 tests, 44 were atmospheric. Atmospheric explosions were carried out until 1974, but only underground tests after that. The underground tests have been conducted at the bottom of shafts bored 500-1200 meters into the basalt core of the atoll. Initially these shafts were drilled in the outer rim of the atoll. In 1981, most likely due to the weakening of that rim, the tests with higher yields were shifted to shafts drilled under the lagoon itself.

[CP] Could an underwater nuclear test have caused this tsunami? Q: Is it possible everything is possible and likely for the spirit of the bedlamed States that for a nuclear explosion to have triggered the Macquarie quake in some way and indirectly caused the changes that led to the Sumatra quake and the Asian tsunami? And death shallHave no Dominion

Under the windings of the sea
See Their Eyes Faces
They lying long shall not die windily_
Twisting on racks when sinews give way_ Strapped to a wheel, yet they shall not break_ in their hands shall snap in two_ And the unicorn evils run them through_Split all ends up they shan', yet they shall not break_
run them through;Split all ends up they shan't crack

Read on reader, read on. Not your disc driver too

A: It is possible that a very large explosion might have triggered the first quake See the bodies slaughtered directly in some way or that repeated prior testing could have induced changes that led to the quake indirectly, but research on the fall-out of nuclear testing is so highly classified that little is known of the possible impact. The U.S. has not imabic pentameter of death plan sheeps the bodies across the haze crushes the bones bashes them to death chokes the liver pulverized the eye balls ratified the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, leaving the door open to future U.S. testing despite an shall not break_filledMouthWater in their hands shall snap in two And the unicorn evils run them throughSplit all ends up they shan't crackmoratorium. There has already been a strong move toward resumption of testing since 2002. Now earth-penetrating nukes (bunker busters) and mini-nukes might provide the pretext."
CounterPunchwww.counterpunch.org30 December 2004

Jill: is there any authority for Poetry?

A: only a bare voice speaking.

In the night across a cross waves ave of maria and dearth of miles dead of beds and trees of f some letter

then oh barely lungs

Mona grabs the heel of the hammer thunder the

hoax, the haze of

shared files fragment analyize size of zip file sound wars beaming crushed bodies no thing to sa_
the laguna

cannot open mouth


silence to say

__----- not else to fill a broken envelope

Can you? well canter then ok not a scission of your nucleus

not a possible


One can only find life through poetry the susurrus of

image de Pessoa

__an image of Pessoa __ poet of many names and

pseudonyms. A Kierkegaard of poetry. So then. Posted by Hello


InsTanT KarmA NiRVna Coming Soon

what is instant KarMa but a desiring-machine and the bouncing knaves of night and its predatory skull-duggeries and accusers of nothing?

a shun of fellow-well-hail and hail-well fellow stung in the bees along tongs yanking your feet and riddling your perimeter, like a lover whose back has never been seen as she follows the tread of your feet and your song, so fellowed in the happy , in the harpy night,

and Nirvana just a plain song in the soothe of pillows cold night feet without a lover

a lover so far over the arched of backs and back to back in the deadlie jealousie of slumber

Orpheus would always knew this, not mistakin' the tense for volition and error errant inhis ways waited for the crown of lawless laurel leaves, his Eurydice a neighbour of a song, singing always that hammer and sickle the sweet crescent moon of its beckoning , her mons a steady thing

Over Desire the positive wheel of her sheloving shellacking self her body a mystical pride in the night

John the BapTist sCreaming MayOKovsky

Not the


"Is that possible Jill’s daughter shouted as the check spun in the air fluttering to the ground. What is a stone sucking candy mouth but the motor of its intent, even if that is spurn, and not day says done. ..."

Not the narcissism of onions or mummies gathered before bleeps

or the possible K of your Kellogs corn flakes hence forward the melancholy aloof of your chin held up by baby's feet, straps tied
to the absurd teeth at day break breast of dames gathered in the outspaced veneral cave of strabismus .

I am outspaced she repeated .

Is your name, VanGogh? not so , like something saddling in the font where the jewel craft maker works the wrought thunder of glory its seven pestles some torn up ligament the drab and dull call me tomorrow whirling around her eyes chopped at breakfast not a cigarette but a jewel a woman's long lashed eyes in Peru

So with the fox at the lap and the only forest remaining what becomes of the night its foxy furs a limning for love. And your hearts.

Jilll never knew the answer, never 'knew' what hit her . Never knew that melee and molecules speed their own delight. A tight shamble of knickers was her page.


1972: (the) absence of words

the physical


there then

there then it's all forgotten forgotten being rather
the in Verse of begotten

this is what she say with her eyes

her eyes swept away

forgettting machine

to whom shall we owe the forgetting of a continent. memory is herproblem// said Shem. Not closeness which was like another like. Inside the symbol of decay 'not near or fir or further' in class' and 'she was there here belfry was aching'

'well then' now foriver and 'ever' paternooster 'hangdown yer head Tom Dooley hang down your head and cry'

ahangdog hounddog dogging it babye with out you dogging it
never 'wanted till she saw your name' lip to cry lip
Over the next plateau was Ezra Pound taking her hand guiding over the planes of
and the space of


Mona has

Mona has an unfinished caveat with a student that forces her to consult herself the double Oona, her mother in bride to be in bearing ball and night to be asunder and she is thunder. Now wait, says Jill that is errant its not how a disjunctive synthesis ought to work. It only works said Dad if it breaks. Claire says he didnt mean that on purpose , nor did he mean he literally. Well, if not literally , then what? Go and ask Janine Macintosh and her schizophrenic brides, the pleats of her skirt know, or ask the one who was gender bending in the Virginia Woolf list , some years back, when you were poor alone a wren factoring bridges in the equation.

Well Jill had a daughter and it was not you! shouts Julie and the other one from Paris and the Rumainian actress and the cheap shot the 'cheap shot' was a skirt on the edge of a limb .... You know that professor the one who has not read the books! I recall the Mama and the Putain and the orphan unconscious was our bridge not of determination but of nation.

More later good book YOu interrupt this broadcast to

The inTenSe GillEs DelEUze and the YoUthFul FeLix GuAttarI in thEir HeyDay Franny, Jill and Mona's 'Parents'

The inTenSe GillEs DelEUze and the YoUthFul FeLix GuAttarI in thEir HeyDay Franny, Jill and Mona's  Posted by Hello

HeRe are Jill and Franny's parents, Mona's father and mother, an alliance, a daliance in their youth in the days of of the good old days of burgundy and wine when the halls overflowedwith the tape recorders and students .... and the

ideas were fast and forward fire gripping their lips


there is

There is another world

and it is here

Jill sniffed around a sneaking dog onthe hills of plane, captured plane heart

in the plateau of her name. Knowing Guattari was on the way to a meeting she met her at the half way space the stasis of knowing its protection and feel its honour and dissent.

Believing atranslator could not be more than a name, she felt her socks rise high.


F ou a De LiRe

O Ver the existential


Franny wants to Know Something Jill kNows about Poesis the posse the immanent flux of subjectivity and its rainbow colours. Verlours velour.
"How to produce it, collect it, enrich it, reinvent it permanently in order to make it compatible with mutant Universes of value?"
A leitMotiv in her teeth that trembles as she speaks sneaks into the bed of sexdoomdeath anD far Away She sees a farmer and a farmer'S daughter, a night a singing rainbow

Close to Jill and Orpheus in the Paris suburbs on la metro et dans les quais il marches avece ses jeunes pres de lui et il parle "significative and semiotic flows, Phylum of Machanic Propositions, Existential Territories and Incorporeal Universes of Reference..." a whooshing translator speakin the speakeasy of her mind of the mush of molecules the rush of the molecues writes the page of your health writes the

page of your health

If the Body cannot Speak One can speak the One can Speak to the Name

je parle d'un qui parle je suis seul


Les Cours de Gilles Deleuze


Some cool course with him was the day JiLL met her master in the downing down rive gauche. Lost like any sign post, any Henry Miller wandering the streets and rues of Paris, Paree. Oh my free Paree and its gushed fortunes of past and present. Jill would her father of philosophy speak knowing he was the daddy of becomings, we got to let it become as a long glow across the terram and the immanence of things scatters their way past wrath and needles pins and porous stakes are their repent of sorrow , night , cobbles, close to the earth works of coffins and dirt dying up from the sand of

not so simple as that but he was there then making the difference that was the engineered plane of consistency and the guitars rolling like thunder mating their nuts by the side of

night and its other harams and hamstrung thighs so his voice was the only one left

but then not but then then

sentimentality has no place in philosophy some poets're so arrogant what book of knowledge was theirs their faces heading down haunting the stairways the wells of its fiery inferno downstairs and and not an inch was no not one won no point creating space where there is no Eye to behold the naked ass of your body in the cloest pit of hell and despair

in the fiery splendors of hell

Jill would her let he
rthenrolling it last simple word
ing of the crumbler


the Two of Us

Indeed Fanny had a crack in her ass, the cosmic egg of deteritorialization but sadness and sadness was a virtue she could livE without. SO in book two we are not doin' the same. And besides when these words get around it only proves the word's already been co-opted.

Now Mona said this and that.
"the two of us wrote Anti-Oedipus together. Since each of us was several,there was already quite a crowd"

amd jeremiad to me and yourself, her first pseudonym was schizophrenia and capeepeetalism talisman!


PeACe and PotAtoes Pace in TerraM

Filibuster Mona met Franny on the boardwalk before time flattended by the space of preview and diversion. by diversion and the moved store front was the shame of desire. her rhizomE was a Mashed Potatoe and shake a leg better, not a bot or a drug addict on the lam.
rhizome Mona was her mask and masquE was her mark, She kept kepi kept writing the ridding bowl down and along her shy thanks, her sleek shanks a place for sapphic fairy tales to glide ...
...A rhizome as a subterranean stem is absolutely different from roots and radicles. ... It moves sideways like a Stoic Aunt, Bulbs and tubers are rhizomes.... where is that corpse you buried last year in your garden, has it begun to sprout? .... F[r]anny: Plants with roots or radicles may be rhizomorphic in other respects altogether. Burrows are too, in all their functions of shelter, supply, movement, evasion, and breakout....bushwhacking, FACES AND SURFACES raids, hide-outs, logger lawAss... The rhizome itself assumes very diverse forms, from ramified surface extension in all directions to concretion into bulbs and tubers ... The rhizome includes the best and the worst: potato and couchgrass, or the weed ...will schizoanalysis bring peace, and becomings the long flow down and milk and hushhush! slight tingleS inthefoRest forest and piece pictures of the bringdown between the shape of singular things

So then let us have no morE of thaT sickeninG herd
And SchIZoPhaguses, gonorphrenia, neurotyphus, moretems, sexosis, phantasmalogoists, scatatonic

yes she was a streetwalaker worker . Some day when she was becomingS down her mother was able to publish her books and the looks of her ride. SO centtreed then was the prize of peace! and the world came to a begin when the players set up the stage
of hypcochondics, autists, neurotitics, GloRifYed DepRessioN!

Jill Shouts Out

No more pyschoPomp hypochodiaches


eden coming forth text

Eden Eden Eden Coming Forth Soon ~ THe EpISoDe

for a period she was Pierre Guyotat and others like Guy Derboders and Eldorra demitchells from india and the cram bam of colonialism and the polytheisms of pagans

Always he was Orpheus or Oedipus or Oedipus or Orpheus or and Orpheus and Oedipus

and nothing too ||| Nothing was startled

what will be the ...

What will be the sea when you publish it? and the nights were darning

stockings said the stochastic knight. Missing a k she added a N, murdering

morpheme forcing her mettle-powered self by the cloud-by clickety-clack-clack

and other synthesis of betweens and humdingers . Far from ruth was the buttering fly of things past and present like any other steward you hug your name expecting mothers and children. Fanny knew this was the case to be with velvet boy and girl,their underground nights a candy of conception on the conception of thundering dark late at night sexing.